Pig Producers Crucified by Imports and Mislabelling

by 5m Editor
17 November 2009, at 8:28am

IRELAND - IFA Pigs Committee Chairman Tim Cullinan yesterday met representatives from Callan Bacon in Kilkenny over the company’s ongoing failure to increase the level of Irish pig meat in their products and the labelling they are using.

The meeting followed a protest by pig farmers outside the plant in Kilkenny yesterday morning
[Photo: IFA]

Mr Cullinan said, “Callan Bacon must increase the amount of Quality Assured pig meat they are supplying to retailers. Pig producers are living on a knife-edge because of credit problems and then losing money as retailers refuse to dip into their own margins to pay a realistic price for pigs. Secondary processors like Callan Bacon cannot abandon local producers and replace them with imports that are of inferior quality.”

The IFA Chairman also tackled the management of the company on the labelling used in supermarkets. “It is unacceptable that a logo such as a map of Ireland can be used to lure the consumer into thinking the product is Irish. Nothing less than the certified QA mark should be used to eliminate any confusion.”