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Producers Advised to Focus on What is Controllable

by 5m Editor
4 December 2009, at 10:08am

CANADA - A central Alberta author is encouraging individuals facing financial stress to set aside the things over which they have no control and focus on those they can control, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Following three years of losses, the Canadian pork industry is facing its toughest financial challenge in living memory.

"Leadership in uncertain times: thriving in a changing industry" was one of the topics discussed yesterday as part of Manitoba Hog Days 2009 in Brandon.

David Irvine, a central Alberta inspirational speaker and best selling author, recommends focusing on those things you can influence and letting go of those things you can't change.

David Irvine-Central Alberta Author

One of the things that is within your circle of influence and circle of control is to take care of the people in your operation, your family, your employees.

Do the little things.

Maintain good relationships because when the times get back to being good again you'll need those people so take care of those people in small ways.

There's a list of things certainly that people can't control.

The H1N1 virus for example is something outside of your control, the political relationship between pork in the United States, that's outside of your control.

I tell people take a line down the middle of a paper and actually put it on paper so you actually see.

There's nothing like writing it down to crystallize your thinking.

Put it on a list, what can you not control and what you can.

And then what's within your circle of influence are your relationships and your faith and your sense of strong character.

I do talk a lot about character, about facing your creditors.

How I define character is the courage to face reality, the demands that reality presents itself and I really suggest don't hide from your creditors, have the courage to work out a plan where you can come up with a solution.

Mr Irvine says the main thing is to maintain perspective.

He says, whether you're successful or whether you're not successful, your real security in life will lie in the three Fs, your faith, your family and your friends.

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