NZ Wanted Behind Domestic Pork Products

by 5m Editor
4 June 2010, at 12:58pm

NEW ZEALAND - A bacon retailer based in Bulls says New Zealanders need to get behind domestic pork products, otherwise they risk losing the industry.

Michelle Fox says pig farmers are really struggling from a drop in schedule pork prices and public pressure on their farming systems. Costs are rising as well.

She has noticed a number of piggeries close over the past few years and warns there will be more if the public does not show some support.

She believes imported pork should be levied, saying 800 tonnes per week is coming into New Zealand, according to Radio New Zealand News

The Pork Industry Board says pig farmers are under a lot of pressure at the moment.

Pork prices have fallen significantly over the past few months.

Chief executive Sam McIvor says imported pork is set at prices below what New Zealand farmers can produce it for.