Constant Weight Checks, Labour-saving Selection

GERMANY - In view of increasing prices for raw materials, pig producers get increasingly under pressure: electricity, gas and oil as well as feedstuffs – everything gets more expensive.
calendar icon 1 July 2010
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The consequence of this is that farmers and farm managers have to drive costs down wherever possible to constantly optimise their results. An automatic sorting scale as for example the Big Dutchman TriSort makes a great contribution here. It allows continuous weight control and regulation of all animals so that the stock precisely reaches the optimum slaughtering weight at the end of the finishing period.

TriSort range of application

TriSort can be used in dry and liquid feeding systems. Up to ten weight groups can be set up. Moreover, it is possible to mark underweight or overweight animals with two different colours.

Another area of use of TriSort is partial finishing up to or starting from 60 kg. Here as well, the weight of the animals is constantly controlled, feeding adapted to the weight and the house can thus be much better used.

An overview of the advantages

Due to constant weight checks, farm managers always know exactly about daily weight gains of their animals and thus also the animals’ current state of health. Underweight or overweight pigs can simply be selected by colour marking and feed assignment can be respectively adapted. Another advantage of TriSort is simple and stress-free sorting of point-of-slaughter animals directly before pick-up. The positive result is that farm managers exactly know the number and weight of the pigs to be delivered, the time required for loading is significantly reduced.

How does TriSort work?

TriSort has a double, very rugged entrance gate which is always open when empty. When a pig enters the scale, the entrance gate automatically closes due to the change in weight. This way, only one pig can enter the scale at a time. The weighing process only takes two to three seconds. After that, the exit gate opens automatically. The following sorting gate now controls whether the animal is either selected as ready for slaughter, is funnelled back to the same group or into another weight group.

The Trisort computer

The TriSort computer precisely records every individual weighing process. Data can then be transferred to a PC and will be treated in real time as graphics and in tables. This allows the farm manager to have an overview at any time on all important data regarding animal weight, daily gains or average weight.

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