FSA Commissions Campylobacter Research

by 5m Editor
8 July 2010, at 9:16am

UK - The British Food Standards Agency is commissioning a range of research to tackle the food poisoning bug campylobacter.

Campylobacter is the most common cause of food poisoning in the UK, causing over 300,000 cases per year and costing the economy more than £583 million.

The most common source is poultry meat, although it is also found in red meat, unpasteurised milk and untreated water.

To support the Agency’s five-year campylobacter risk management programme, the Agency is looking to commission a range of research as part of a new campylobacter research programme.

Where appropriate, the FSA will work with other funders to help deliver the evidence needed in a coordinated way.

The initial areas of research are:

  • feasibility of developing a rapid on-farm test
  • effectiveness of biosecurity training
  • controlling campylobacter in the slaughterhouse
  • monitoring campylobacter
  • predictive models
  • measuring the impact of interventions