Introducing CBVPlus

by 5m Editor
2 August 2010, at 10:32am

US - CBVPlus boars are 'The Best of The Best', says PIC.

What's the value of the boars in your operation? PIC calculates a Crossbred Breeding Value, or CBV for its PIC boars. That means that the company has measured the performance of crossbred sibs sired by the same Genetic Nucleus (GN) sires, raised and processed in commercial environments. This value helps PIC select its pure lines based on how progeny are expected to perform in actual commercial conditions, not in the pristine GN environment. And this translates into more efficiency for your operation, which can mean more profit.

Taking CBV Values to the next level with CBVPlus

The tag-line says it best, PIC never stops improving. The company is excited to be offering a new category of boars called CBVPlus. These boars have the highest CBV value ranking of all PIC sires – the best of our best. This index value from an economic standpoint is astounding. The increase in net margins per pig of a CBVPlus boar compared to an AI boar are outlined in the chart below.

CBVPlus = RT-Free

PIC includes a test for reciprocal translocations (RT) to ensure that CBVPlus boars are RT-Free. The presence of a reciprocal translocation is not common but when it occurs, litter size may decrease up to 50 per cent, impacting productivity and your bottom line. PIC has one of the few facilities in the world performing this test.

Contact your PIC account manager for more information about how to put the power of CBVPlus boars to work in your operation.