New TOPIGS AI Station in Germany

by 5m Editor
23 August 2010, at 11:53am

GERMANY - TOPIGS SNW is starting up an SPF AI station in Germany. The German subsidiary of TOPIGS has taken over the Stockhausen AI station in the east German federal state of Saxony.

Following a renovation, the station will provide room in the autumn for 150 TOPIGS breeding and terminal boars.

At the new TOPIGS station, boars will produce SPF semen for pig farms in the eastern federal states of Germany. The sales of TOPIGS genetics is exhibiting strong growth in this region. In addition to this, Stockhausen AI station will also export semen to Eastern and Central Europe.

TOPIGS SNW has grown in just a few years to become one of the most important providers of genetics on the German market. The market share in sows is more than 10 per cent. With the setting up of Stockhausen AI station, TOPIGS is taking the next step in the introduction of TOPIGS terminal boars onto the German market.