Start Mycoplasma Vaccination Early

US - Research shows that pigs may become infected with M. hyopneumoniae within the first three weeks of life. This has veterinarians rethinking the timing of mycoplasma vaccinations in young pigs.
calendar icon 15 September 2010
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Rethink mycoplasma vaccination timing.

“Early vaccination can help decrease the window of susceptibility to enzootic pneumonia that may result when vaccination is delayed until weaning,” says Ron White, DVM, manager of veterinary operations at Pfizer Animal Health. “Getting ahead of the disease challenge is necessary at times to ensure pigs receive proper immunisation.”

Veterinarians and producers can now vaccinate for mycoplasma when processing baby pigs. RespiSure-ONE® has new label claims, making it the only M. hyopneumoniae vaccine that can be administered to baby pigs one day of age or older to help reduce chronic pneumonia, severity of colonization and shedding of M. hyopneumoniae.

When mycoplasmal pneumonia is controlled early, it helps reduce issues with co-infection from other diseases like P. multocida and H. parasuis. It moves the timing away from potential concurrent clinical disease from both M. hyopneumoniae and viral diseases, such as PRRS, SIV and PCV2. When pigs are not expending energy fighting off mycoplasma or other infections, average daily gains increase.

Plus, a recent study found a positive correlation between prevalence of mycoplasmal pneumonia at weaning and respiratory disease at finishing. If a pig gets sick with mycoplasma early in life, its immune system is compromised and the chances are high that later in life its performance will continue to decline as respiratory disease sets in.

Vaccinating early for mycoplasmal pneumonia helps ensure healthy herds throughout all phases.

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