Subclinical Ileitis Reduces Productivity

US - Deceptive and persistent, subclinical ileitis is more common in grow/finish barns than many realise.
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94 per cent of swine herds have subclinical ileitis

A study showed 94 per cent of swine herds with no clinical signs of ileitis tested positive for Lawsonia intracellularis.1

This same study showed that nearly 70 per cent of flows found to be sero-negative for L. intracellularis at 18 weeks of age were found positive between 21 and 27 weeks.1

Even though ileitis is a very common problem, the most recent NAHMS study showed that only 41.7 per cent of producers knew or suspected ileitis to have caused sickness or death in their grow/finish pigs during the previous 12 months.2

Michael Senn, DVM, MS, manager of veterinary operations at Pfizer Animal Health, says that if operations are not meeting their performance goals, they may want to ask their veterinarian to look for evidence of subclinical ileitis.

“Feed efficiency gets worse as pigs age, and if they come down with subclinical ileitis, the producer loses even more,” says Mr Senn.

Subclinical ileitis has been reported to slash average daily gain by 38 per cent and feed efficiency by 27 per cent.3 Getting a handle on a hidden profit robber like subclinical ileitis is one more way to increase profit margins.

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