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BPEX Director Awarded for Distinguished Service

by 5m Editor
29 October 2010, at 10:37am

UK - BPEX Director Mick Sloyan has been presented with an award for his distinguished service to the pig industry. The National Pig Association has been keen to acknowledge the contribution he has made but found Mick less than willing to accept it.

NPA Chairman Stewart Houston said: “Three times now, Mick has been nominated for the David Black Award and three times his name has not gone forward for consideration.

"The NPA has been keen to acknowledge the huge contribution he has made to the industry but, as chairman of the judges, he has disqualified himself each time.

"This time he can't! The Pig Industry Distinguished Service Award is a one-off that has been organised entirely without his knowledge and there's nothing he can do about it.

"His position at the head of BPEX has highlighted his strategic thinking helping guide the industry through difficult times - the concept of the first pig strategy, the Road to Recovery, was his and he must take his share of the credit that the industry came through those dark days of the last decade.

"The pig industry is seen in Government circles as having a 'can do' attitude and Mick too has that same attitude. If he believes the industry will benefit, he will do his utmost to make it happen.

"Mick is internationally respected, not only for his knowledge of our industry but also for his depth of understanding of the pig industry worldwide.

"He is highly regarded in the International Meat Secretariat where he is Vice-chairman of the Pork Committee.

"Though his expertise covers the whole pig industry, he does have a special interest in the processing sector where he championed the introduction of Autofom to the UK - a system that uses ultrasonic scanning to determine the distribution of lean meat and fat in carcases.

"Mick’s service to the pig industry stretches over more than three decades and he is still as enthusiastic, dedicated and determined as ever."

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