Certificate 'Code-EFABAR' Awarded to Hypor

by 5m Editor
28 October 2010, at 9:22am

GERMANY - Hendrix Genetics shows responsibility by taking care of its animals and informing society about what they do as a breeding company. Therefore, Hendrix Genetics has decided to adopt the Code EFABAR for all their divisions globally.

Within Hypor a special working group started to implement the protocols of Code EFABAR. As a result of the efforts the Certificate 'Code-AFABAR' was awarded at a Hypor meeting on 19 October.

Marjolein Neuteboom, a representative of the EFFAB organization, joined the meeting to do the honours. She explained the reasons for the existence of the organization and the code and concluded her oral presentation by officially handing the certificate to Managing Director Hypor Antoon van den Berg.

For more information about the code EFABAR please click here.