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NETHERLANDS - With the effectuation of MiXBLUP and implementation of Genomic Selection Hypor is ready to maximize future genetic progress.
calendar icon 12 January 2011
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MiXBLUP is a new breeding value estimation algorithm which has been developed in a project started 4 years ago, executed by Animal Sciences Group of Wageningen University, The Netherlands. Genomic Selection will improve Hypor’s selection accuracy of the best litter mates at an early stage in life through DNA sampling. With both technologies the genetic progress of Hypor’s product portfolio will accelerate.


After careful evaluation of the project outcome Hypor has implemented the new algorithm into its breeding value estimation. The main benefit of using MiXBLUP is that BLUP evaluations can run faster, even with an increase in complexity caused by growing numbers of animals and measured traits. This latest software will allow for even more up-to-date and more accurate estimation of breeding values for Hypor and its BioHypor customers.

Genomic Selection

Pig breeding has been relying heavily on tools of statistical analysis for the last 50 years. Selection indexes, BLUP methodology and increased computer capacity have changed the way we estimate breeding values. Biotechnology has developed quite rapidly the last decade, but has not contributed significantly to breeding programs yet. Genomic Selection will change this. Large numbers of genetic markers based on single point mutations in DNA, so called Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, are used as genetic markers. In Genomic Selection conventional technologies like BLUP and genetic markers are combined in one analysis. This enables us to estimate genetic values for a large number of SNP-markers and evaluate candidate animals as soon as we can sample their DNA.

An important aspect of Genomic Selection is that litter mates no longer have exactly the same genetic value till they have own performance records. Differences in DNA are translated directly into different breeding values. This enables identification of the best breeding candidates within a litter at an early stage with a high accuracy.

Including DNA-information gives Hypor a tool to check its analysis in much more detail. Especially for traits which are more difficult or expensive to measure, are expressed only in one sex or have a low heritability, the company sees a huge potential to increase genetic progress.

Hypor, part of Hendrix Genetics, has been able to benefit from shared knowledge and resources with the other breeding divisions. Being a multi-species company and sharing one Research & Technology Centre enabled the company to implement these new technologies faster and better. The coming years Hypor expects to see accelerated progress in our customers’ results.

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