Key Producers in the Ukraine Choose Hermitage Genetics

by 5m Editor
10 January 2011, at 1:55pm

UKRAINE - Hermitage Genetics are set to become the market leaders in the Ukraine, despite only entering the market in late 2009. Successful deliveries of high health breeding stock have been made from Hermitage multiplication units in Ireland and Germany direct to key producers in the Ukraine.

In 2010, Hermitage was chosen by the largest meat processor in the Ukraine, NVP Globino, to supply a high health 1500 sow nucleus unit and associated Hermitage Closed Herd BLUP Breeding programme to support Globino’s 15,000 sow pig production business. In addition to stocking the Globino nucleus unit in Shelelevka with 1,500 Hermitage purebred females, Hermitage also supplied 70 AI boars for the Globino AI Centre. This project will enable Globino to produce their own in herd replacement animals which will in turn support their commercial production using the market leading MaxgroTM terminal boar to sire the slaughter generation.

This year Hermitage will also supply a further 5,000 F1 parent gilts for Globino’s commercial unit in Oboznivka. This will increase the current sow herd in Globinskiy svinokompleks up to more than 11,000 sows making Globinskiy svinokompleks one of the largest pig meat producers in Ukraine. “This partnership with Hermitage Genetics is very important for us,“ said Oleskander Kuzminsky, Founder of Globino. “Our company is still relatively young and we are looking to grow by improving our operations and production quality standards. Hermitage Genetics will help us expand our capacity to meet growing demand for pork in Ukraine.“

Other key producers in the Ukraine have also chosen Hermitage Genetics, including, AF Shahter, LLC Kamchatka, LLC Teplytskiy vidgodivelniy kompleks. The majority of these producers will also use the Hermitage Closed Herd BLUP Breeding Programme to maximise their herd performance, optimise herd Bio Security, and eliminate the need to introduce live animals to their herds in the future. This breeding programme is directly linked to the Hermitage PigBLUP Exchange database in Ireland where the breeding values will be calculated for the Ukranian herds.

Hermitage Genetics will continue to supply high health, high performing purebred and hybrid maternal lines to customers in the Ukraine, while also supplying the market leading MaxgroTM terminal boar to sire the slaughter generation.