Piglet Claim for Circovac in Europe

by 5m Editor
13 January 2011, at 9:18am

EU - On 29 November 2010, CIRCOVAC® was granted a European marketing authorisation for use in piglets. CIRCOVAC is now the first PCVD vaccine available worldwide for the vaccination of both sows and piglets; it is registered in Europe, Brazil, Mexico and Thailand.

By vaccinating piglets, CIRCOVAC provides an active immunisation to reduce the fecal excretion of PCV2 and virus load in blood, and is an aid in reducing PCV2-linked clinical signs, including wasting, weight loss and mortality; it also reduces virus load and lesions in lymphoid tissues associated with PCV2 infection. The programme of vaccination is based on one deep IM 0.5-ml injection from three weeks of age.

By vaccinating sows, CIRCOVAC ensures the passive immunisation of piglets via the colostrum, after active immunization of sows and gilts, to reduce lesions in lymphoid tissues associated with PCV2 infection and as an aid to reduce PCV2-linked mortality. The program is based on one injection of a 2-ml dose in gilts or sows followed, three to four weeks later, by a second injection, at least two weeks before mating/farrowing. A booster injection must be administered at each gestation, at least two to four weeks before farrowing.

As the first-ever vaccine to be registered against PCVD, CIRCOVAC has vast field experience in Europe and has demonstrated improvements in overall growth performance: after the vaccination of piglets, the average daily weight gain in a German farm went up from 384g per day to 451g per day during post-weaning. In parallel, mortality decreased from 4.2 per cent to 1.5 per cent during the post-weaning period, and the rate of wasting animals dropped from 7.2 per cent to 1.3 per cent.

Other field observations have also clearly highlighted the benefits of sow vaccination to improve reproductive parameters: abortion rates in a French farm dropped from 7.3 per cent to 3.6 per cent and farrowing percentages increased from 84 per cent to 90.5 per cent. All these results have been observed in a large numbers of farms all around Europe. They have confirmed the efficacy and the economic benefits of CIRCOVAC vaccination as a method of controlling PCV2 on the whole farm and consequently of achieving optimum profitability.

This claim extension confirms Merial's commitment to develop scientific knowledge and to offer a sound field solution to control PCVD to veterinarians and farmers.

CIRCOVAC is available in 50 ml bottles, i.e. 25 doses for sows or 100 doses for piglets.

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