South Korea Avoids German Pork, Poultry Imports

by 5m Editor
7 January 2011, at 10:40am

SOUTH KOREA - South Korea is preventing imports of German pork and poultry products from reaching consumers because of health concerns over a cancer-causing chemical.

The government said on Friday that authorities have temporarily suspended all quarantine inspections of the products as a precaution following reports that potentially dangerous levels of dioxin were discovered in eggs, pork and poultry products in Germany.

According to JakartaGlobe, the government said the measure _ which is not a formal import ban _ began Wednesday and will be in place until the safety of German pork and poultry products is secured.

Dioxins are contaminants that typically result from industrial combustion and other chemical processes. Exposure to dioxins at high levels is linked to increased incidence of cancer.