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Taiwan Potty-Trains Pigs as an Anti-Pollution Solution

by 5m Editor
5 January 2011, at 9:28am

TAIWAN - Taiwan's environmental authorities said Wednesday they are planning to promote potty training for pigs to help curb water and waste pollution.

The Environmental Protection Administration made the pledge following the success of a pig farm in southern Taiwan, where the breeder started to potty-train his 10,000 pigs in late 2009, it said in a statement.

To keep his animals from defecating in nearby rivers, the breeder has established special "toilets" smeared with faeces and urine to attract the pigs, it said.

This reduced the amount of waste water by up to 80 percent. The effort also resulted in making the farm cleaner and less smelly, while helping reduce illness among the pigs and boosted their fertility by 20 percent, it added.

According to, Taiwan has about six million pigs, most of them raised on farms in the centre and the south of the island.

Waste from livestock farms is among the main complaints about water pollution received by the administration.