First Pigs Arrive at AgFeed's Da Hua Farm

by 5m Editor
23 February 2011, at 9:55am

CHINA - AgFeed Industries has started stocking its new farm at Da Hua.

AgFeed Industries, Inc., an international agribusiness company with operations in the US and China and one of the largest independent hog producers and manufacturers of animal nutrients in China, has announced that it has begun the stocking of its western-style pig farm complex in the city of Da Hua in Guangxi province.

The delivery of live animals to AgFeed's first western-style hog production pod in Da Hua represents a milestone for the introduction of advanced western style techniques, technologies and methods for the production of hogs in China. The initial Da Hua production pod will now transition from construction mode to production mode.

John Stadler, AgFeed's Chairman stated: "The initial stocking of our Da Hua farm complex marks a significant step forward in the execution of our core strategy of 'AgFeed, Government & Farmer'. Having worked in close cooperation with local government in the development and construction of this facility we are now in a position to begin breeding operations. We expect the first animals from this production pod to reach the market in the late winter/early spring of 2012".