The Value of CBVPlus

by 5m Editor
2 February 2011, at 12:32pm

US - As a business-minded producer, you are constantly looking for ways to improve productivity and increase profitability in your operation. Using CBVPlus boars and semen from PIC is an easy way to do just that.

Cross Breeding Value

PIC assigns a crossbred breeding value, or CBV, to its boars, which estimates the potential value of each animal placed in stud. This breeding value is based on the performance of crossbred siblings sired by the same Genetic Nucleus (GN) sires, calculated by measuring information not only from our Genetic Nucleus but from animals placed in commercial environments such as yours. This translates into more efficiency for your operation, which can mean more profit.

Potential Value of CBVPlus vs. AI

In addition, PIC has recently added the ability to test each CBVPlus boar for reciprocal translocations (RT) to ensure the best possible fertility of each dose of semen and each boar in stud. The presence of an RT is not common, however when present, it can decrease litter size by up to 50 percent. PIC has one of the few facilities in the world with the ability to perform this test.

Producers using CBVPlus boars and semen see progeny that have better feed efficiency and get to market faster. On average, CBVPlus-sired animals have a value of $1.30-$1.71 more per pig compared to pigs sired by an AI boar, as shown in the following chart.

CBVPlus in Your Operation

In keeping with its quest to "Never Stop Improving," PIC feels CBVPlus boars can help take customers to the next level in this highly competitive pork industry, where every penny counts.

You can find out more information on CBVPlus by clicking here.