New TOPIGS Nucleus Farm in Canada

by 5m Editor
25 March 2011, at 9:25am

CANADA - TOPIGS has purchased a new nucleus farm in Canada named Windy Acres near the village Malonton in Northern Manitoba.

This purchase will provide TOPIGS with better breeding, better genetics and better numbers of terminal sires to supply. The farm houses 750 sows, 220 boars and 4000 fattening pigs.

Windy Acres has a high health status SPF and is also used to supply terminal sires (besides America) in Asia and Africa. Windy Acres will be TOPIGS’ central nucleus farm for terminal sires in North America. TOPIGS’ other nucleus farm in Canada, Paradise Valley will be the maternal central nucleus farm for North America. The company will continue to implement the Life Muscle Scans and IFIR feeders in large quantities on both farms.

Peter van Kemenade, general manager TOPIGS North America, states: “With Windy Acres, TOPIGS can supply the growing demand for terminal sires in North America and Asia.“