PIC Raises the Bar with New Gilt Production Units

by 5m Editor
25 March 2011, at 9:57am

PHILIPPINES - To serve the increasing demand from Filipino pork producers for superior performing PIC boars and gilts, PIC is expanding its production capacity by more than 5,000 GGP and GP sows in the Philippines.

PIC genetics have been proven to increase output and efficiency, a necessity in facing today’s challenges of increasing fuel and feed material costs, as well as the persistent health problems that hound local pork producers.

For nearly 50 years, PIC has been delivering true competitive advantage to pork producers worldwide by increasing output, efficiency and having a strong health assurance program that reduces the risks to both large commercial farmers as well as the smaller, home based pig producers. Over the last decade PIC has been successful in accelerating its rate of genetic improvement due to a new innovative production structure and continuing investments in research and development.

PIC Philippines further raises the bar in production technology, operations management, use of renewable energy and environmental management with the launching of 2 new, state-of-the-art gilt multiplication units. These units are by far the most biosecure and advanced facility design in swine production in the country to be built from the ground up. The facilities are built according to local conditions and will maximize the expression of the high performance potential of PIC animals.

PIC Philippines Production Manager, Mr. Patrick Ty says: “We are confident these 2 farms will be leaders in production efficiency and become shining examples of world class hog farming in the Philippines“. PIC Philippines, partnered with Venvi Agro-Industrial Ventures Corp., and RDF Meatshop, Inc. (RDFMI), two corporate powerhouses also engaged in poultry production, real estate development and meat retail.

Construction of the Venvi-Agro 2,400-sow level Camborough gilt production unit began in August 2010, on a biosecure location within a 460 hectare property in San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte. The site scored very high on the PIC 1,000 point health risk assessment system. Designed as a 2-site (breed-to-farrow and wean-to-finish) production facility with climate control and automatic feeding systems, this unit will eventually be energy-positive as power is produced with methane fueled generators and solar power. Initial stocking started in January 2011 and will produce both PIC Grand Parent gilts and Camborough Parent Gilts by the fourth quarter of 2011.

PIC has built a strong relationship with Venvi Agro-Industrial Ventures Corp., a division of Venvi Group of Companies, an innovative and pioneering organization committed to producing high quality food products and being globally competitive in feeding our people. They are the largest supplier of chicken eggs in Ilocos region and continue to bring pride to Ilocos due to its honorable corporate values and commitment to innovation and social progress. “Having understood the level of investment needed to become a serious player in this business and seeing the market opportunities from visiting commercial operations around the country and the US, we decided to get things right from the start by choosing the right partners. With PIC’s help, we have properly addressed the factors - genetics, facilities, health, technology and people - needed to shorten the learning curve and make this a successful venture“, said Atty. Larry Valdez, President of Venvi Agro.

A long time PIC customer that has grown over the years from a 200 sow level commercial farm when it started its hog business a decade ago, RDF Meatshop, Inc., held the groundbreaking ceremony for its new 2,500 sow level unit last February 2011 in a biosecure location in Tarlac. RDFMI also signed up with PIC as a Camborough 24 parent gilt multiplier for this new production unit. Operating under a 2-site production system, building facilities are equipped with climate control, automatic feeding systems and methane powered generators. RDFMI is the company behind the immense success of the Fresh Options meat shop chain currently running more than 70 branches in Pampanga, Bulacan, Bataan, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Olongapo, Zambales and Mega Manila, and still growing. RDFMI has chosen PIC as the breed of choice in growing their meat retailing business as PIC meets Fresh Options’ high standards in providing quality meats for their MEATiculous customers.

“We are happy with the trust and commitment by our proactive partners, Venvi and RDFMI, in working with us on these projects to support the growing needs of our customers. Together, we look forward to providing local producers with more access points for superior genetics that will set a new standard for the Philippine pork industry ,“ said Mr. Vino Borromeo, PIC Philippines General Manager.

With the addition of RDFMI and Venvi-Agro, PIC Philippines has grown its production capacity into 14 multiplication units, 3 genetic nucleus sites, and 5 distribution centers spread across the country. PIC Philippines turns 15 years this year in bringing healthy genetic improvement to Filipino producers since its first importation of live animals in 1996.