Higher Price Housing for Pigs in Holland

by 5m Editor
12 April 2011, at 10:34am

NETHERLANDS - A higher-welfare and more sustainable pig house was officially opened by Dutch farming minister Henk Bleker yesterday. It is expensive but pigs grow well in it and their meat should attract a higher-welfare premium.

Think Trowbridge mated with modern BQP finisher.

The new pig house has an extraordinary name — "Starplus *** 4 PPP". The three stars are said to represent the high welfare standards of the barn and the four Ps stand for "People, Planet, Profit and Pigs".

The house is said to have a good atmosphere and low emissions of ammonia, smell and methane.

It has indoor and outdoor areas, inlets for daylight and a natural ventilation system. The latter two features are designed to reduce energy cost associated with mechanical ventilation and artificial lighting.

Manure is removed continuously to maintain a fresh indoor environment. Most of the manure, together with left-over rooting material, can be used for on-farm energy production.

The house has been developed by a consortium of companies together with Wageningen University Livestock Research. Over the next two years, it will be tested under experimental conditions by Wageningen University, also under practical circumstances at a conventional pig farm.

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