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Biotec Has IPPC Covered

by 5m Editor
13 May 2011, at 9:39am

UK - UK-based Biotec Ltd has developed Aerocover, a completely new alternative to covering your slurry and controlling odour.

Fully compliant with the IPPC directive, AerocoverTM floats on the top of the slurry; falling and rising as you empty and refill your tank or lagoon.

Not only does Aerocover cover the slurry but it also has two active polymer coatings that absorb and break down gases given off by the slurry. Independent studies have shown that removal of hydrogen sulphide and ammonia is up to 100 per cent while the active polymers also greatly reduce the carbon dioxide emissions, an average reduction of 45 per cent.

On-site farm applications have proved a great success with the UK Environment Agency confirming a 76 per cent reduction in odour complaints since application at one site.

Once applied, Aerocover requires little if no maintenance and is an 'apply once and forget about it' solution as one of Biotec's happy customers reports. Aerocover is expected to last a minimum of 15 years.

For those who want to 'green up' your credentials further, Aerocover is a 100 per cent natural product.

To date, the most common methods employed to meet these regulatory requirements are to cover the storage tanks or lagoons with floating sheets or permanent roofing structures. These present practical concerns over structural damage to metal tanks and rain water management on tank and lagoon covers, also proving hugely costly and very impractical on large-scale lagoons and tanks. In addition, none of these methods actually deals with potential emissions; they just contain gases, which will potentially be released into the atmosphere at a future date.

Key are Aerocover's special nanotechnology polymers. One active polymer coating will decompose ammonia into nitrogen gas and water, this coating is a catalyst and therefore will never end. The second will capture and absorb ammonia gases and other VOC's long term. AeroCover is easy to apply, self-sustaining and maintenance-free with the minimal amount of top up required. It is environmentally friendly, will not damage machinery if inadvertently drawn into pumps and will safely enhance nitrogen levels if spread on land with slurry.

For further information, e-mail [email protected].