EU Celebrates Veterinary Week

by 5m Editor
16 May 2011, at 1:50pm

EU - This is Veterinary Week 2011 and in the EU, they are celebrating the role of the veterinary profession in keeping food in the EU safe.

Veterinarians are pivotal in the efforts to ensure food safety in the EU. Thus they play a key, yet often unheralded, role in the daily lives of the Union's citizens.

This year's Veterinary Week, starting today and ending on Friday, aims to highlight the contribution of the veterinary profession to society.

As part of the celebration of Veterinary Week 2011, on Friday the European Commission will organise a Conference on Crisis management in the Food Chain, during which Health Commissioner, John Dalli, will present prizes to the regional winners of the international photographic competition.

The competition was launched on 21 January and was open to entries until the end of March.

The Commission has also put up a stand on the esplanade of the Berlaymont Building in Brussels, on rue de la Loi 200.

The role of vets is highlighted through quizzes for children, drawing competitions and other activities. Commissioner Dalli was scheduled to visit the stand at 11:00 today.

Veterinary Week has been taking place every year since 2008. The Commission is organising the 2011 edition together with the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE). The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has declared 2011 World Veterinary Year. There are around 200,000 vets working across Europe many of whom contribute directly to the protection of the food chain, from farm to fork, for over half a billion people.