Hermitage - The Genetics of Choice in Russia

by 5m Editor
4 May 2011, at 10:21am

RUSSIA - Since entering the Russian market in 2006, Hermitage Genetics has become one of the largest international suppliers of high health pig breeding stock to key customers in Russia.

Hermitage breeding stock have already been delivered direct from Ireland to customers in Belgorod, Perm, Ryzan, Orel, Krasnador, Rostov and Novgorod Regions of the Russian Federation.

In September 2010 Hermitage signed a supply contract with Novgorodsky Bacon Ltd. for the supply of 5,000 breeding animals and boars. This supply will be completed in July 2011. In addition to the breeding stock, Hermitage will also provide all genetic support and services under the Hermitage Closed Herd BLUP program to Novgorodsky Bacon Ltd. Novgorodsky Bacon is one of the priority agricultural projects in Novgorod region under the State Programme for Development of Agriculture in 2008 – 2012 and officially launched the new breeding farm on 5 March 2011.

Hermitage also won the tender for the supply of approximately 4,000 breeding pigs and boars to Industrialny Company in the Krasnodar Region. LLC Industrialiny is one of the leading Agricultural businesses in the Krasnador Region, with over 40 thousand hectares of arable land and 5,000 dairy cattle. The company also is involved in poultry production and operates its own feed mill. Industrialiny also owns the Medvedosky meat packing plant and is one of the largest producers of sausages (smoked and cooked) in the Russian market. The nucleus pig breeding unit has been stocked with Hermitage Genetics and the company has plans to build seven additional 2,800 sow commercial units and boar stud over the next two years in the Krasnador Region.

In December 2010, Hermitage also signed a supply contract with Titan-Agro Ltd. in Omsk Region, and is set to become the key player in the agriculture of the region. According to the current contract, Hermitage will supply approximately 3,000 breeding pigs and boars to the newly built farm. Titan-Agro Ltd. has aggressive expansion plans for the future and Hermitage is fully committed to provide genetic and technical support of the highest quality to this fast growing company and help it become the market leader in pig production.