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Freedom Food Accreditation for Sainsbury Supplier

by 5m Editor
24 June 2011, at 8:27am

NORTHERN IRELAND - Ballymena farmer, Alistair Bell, is set to be the first pork supplier in Northern Ireland to achieve the coveted 'Freedom Food' Farm Assurance certification.

In conjunction with Dunbia both organisations have been given the RSPCA Freedom Food stamp of approval to supply Sainsbury's with Freedom Food pork.

The Freedom Food farm assurance scheme is dedicated to improving the welfare of animals and ensures that animals are reared in accordance with strict RSPCA standards.

Alistair Bell said: "I am delighted along with Dunbia to have been awarded this highly coveted certification from Freedom Food. The Freedom Food scheme covers every stage of a farm animals life, each governed by strict and compulsory RSPCA welfare standards."

Pork Buyer for Sainsbury's, Siobhan Barnes, said: We work closely with suppliers and processors to identify farmers who may be eligible to meet this extremely high standard of production.

"Alistair and his team have worked very hard to meet the criteria which encourages higher welfare standards and with regular traceability checks carried out, from supermarket shelf right back to the farm.

"It is also important to have a local processor like Dunbia approved by the scheme to complete the supply chain. We will be working with a number of other farmers going forward to increase the number of Freedom Food approved farms in Northern Ireland."

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