New CTO Appointed for Pigture Group

by 5m Editor
17 June 2011, at 6:36pm

NETHERLANDS - Hans Olijslagers has been appointed as the new Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Pigture Group. He will assume his responsibilities with effect from 1 September 2011.

Mr Olijslagers will also be the joint director of IPG, the organisation's knowledge institute. Along with the current directors Martin Bijl (CEO) and Cor van Hertrooij (CFO), he will form the board of directors of Pigture Group.

Hans Olijslagers

With the appointment of Mr Olijslagers, Pigture Group (the parent company of TOPIGS and IPG) has acquired a CTO with considerable national and international experience in pig breeding. Mr Olijslagers has worked for Pigture Group since 1987 and has held various management positions.

Mr Olijslagers is currently the TOPIGS regional director for Northwest Europe and the director of TOPIGS Nederland. Alongside his position as technical director, he will continue to serve as regional director for Northwest Europe. A successor is being sought for the position of director of TOPIGS Nederland.

As Chief Technical Officer,Mr Olijslagers will be responsible for the departments Support and Development, Research, and the new nuclear breeding department being set up. This new department will manage all of TOPIGS' nuclear breeding activities to realise genetic progress more effectively.

Cor van Hertrooij will be responsible for the IPG departments ICT and technical administration.

Pigture Group is the parent company of TOPIGS. With a production of more than 1.1 million crossbred gilts and over six million doses of semen per year, Dutch-based TOPIGS is one of the biggest genetics suppliers in the world. In several countries, the company is either the market leader or one of the major suppliers. TOPIGS stands for progress in pigs. This means research, innovation and genetic improvement are the cornerstones of our company. By continuously improving its products, the company enables its clients to achieve maximum results.