Timely Boost for Scotland's Pig Producers

by 5m Editor
6 June 2011, at 9:54am

SCOTLAND, UK - NFU Scotland has welcomed the announcement on Friday (3 June) that the Brechin abattoir in Angus will now be used for slaughtering pigs, as Tulip and A P Jess enter into a long term contract in the East of Scotland.

The move will greatly increase the processing capacity for pigs in Scotland to the benefit of both producers and consumers.

Philip Sleigh, Chairman of the NFU Scotland Pigs Committee said: “Today’s news is a timely boost to Scottish pig farmers who have been enduring rocketing costs and poor prices, sending many producers out of business.

“The contract at Brechin should ensure that the majority of pigs produced in Scotland will now be processed in Scotland. And competition for pigs in the market can only be a good thing for producers.

“Of course all pigs being processed in Scotland does not necessarily equate to profitability for the pig sector. We still need a decent return from the market that reflects the high quality and high welfare product we produce.

“Tulip and AP Jess have recognised that processing within Scotland makes commercial sense, and this investment sends a clear signal that the Specially Selected Pork brand is getting the recognition it deserves.”

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