Two Awards for Zhongpin in Beijing

by 5m Editor
9 June 2011, at 9:14am

CHINA - Zhongpin Inc. has receives two top awards at the World Meat Exhibition in Beijing.

Zhongpin Inc., a leading meat and food processing company in the People's Republic of China, has announced that it has received two top awards during the World Meat Exhibition that was held from 31 May to 1 June 2011 in Beijing. The awards are issued only every third year. Zhongpin was recognised as the 'Leading Enterprise in the Meat and Food Industry in China' and also was named an 'Enterprise with Special Contributions in Chinese Meat Industry'.

Xianfu Zhu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zhongpin, said: "These two awards acknowledge that Zhongpin is at the forefront of China's meat industry and also recognize that Zhongpin has been actively helping to improve the industry by example and through briefings and tours. Zhongpin's leadership also has helped others to learn how to modernise their processes and improve their effectiveness, efficiency, and financial performance.

"We are pleased to help lead the industry. Our continuous advances have greatly improved Zhongpin's operating and financial performance. We hope that other companies in China will benefit from our leadership to help provide the best meat quality and safety for the citizens of China."

"We believe these honours are likely to further strengthen our role as the pork industry consolidates in China in the next few years."

At the World Meat Exhibition, Zhongpin was ranking number two, one from the top, based on a comprehensive evaluation that included size, management, supply chain management, capacity, production standards, quality assurance and control systems, cold-chain logistics network, and other factors.

The World Meat Exhibition is jointly sponsored by the World Meat Organization and the China Meat Association. The awards were announced during the '2011 Seminar on Development Strategy for the Meat Industry' session at the exhibition.