Biomin Ukraine Contributes to Industry Development

by 5m Editor
6 July 2011, at 11:40am

UKRAINE - On 1 June 2011, the 3rd International Congress Profitable pig production, organized by Dykun Global Consult was held in Kiev.

Biomin Ukraine was present as a partner at this congress, which certainly can be called the biggest event for the pig industry of Ukraine, because this year the congress had gathered around 400 participants of the agricultural industry.

The congress started with greetings from Biomin Ukraine CEO – Mr Vitaliy Lokhov: "Biomin Ukraine is continuously working on innovations with one main purpose – to find pragmatic solutions and to tackle challenges to further the development of Ukraine’s animal production industry. We understand the importance of effective co-operations with producers as well as knowledge and experience exchange. That’s why Biomin Ukraine actively participates in these industry events."

Mr Lokhov also noted that a positive attitude towards technologies and striving to be successful is a guarantee of success for the industry’s development.

Considering ongoing environment changes, which are the main indicator of pig production development, and relying on long-term scientific experience the company has chosen a really pressing and important subject to be presented at the congress: ‘Global trends in the development of pig production’.

The strategic vision of Ukraine’s pig industry development was offered by a well-known international expert, Diego Padoan (Swine Technical Manager, Biomin). Based on analytical data, Mr Padoan presented an informative overview of the European pig production market and proposed effective solutions for local producers.

He stressed the importance of co-operations between nutritionists and veterinarians, especially in such areas as replacement of antibiotics, gastric enzymes secretion, microbiological balance, use of nutrients and meat quality. The use of acidifiers is a good example for a synergetic co-operation between nutritionists and veterinarians, Mr Padoan mentioned. Acidifiers improve digestion and at the same time help to prevent infection with pathogens, therefore there is no need for any medication.

The international expert particularly highlighted the devastating impact of mycotoxins on animal health and emphasized the importance of integrated and complex preventive measures.

Biomin Ukraine is still receiving appreciative feedback about the significance and informative value of the seminar. The company believes that information given to participants will be used by them as a driving force for problem-solving and effective development of individual businesses and the whole industry in Ukraine. Because, as Mr Padoan put it: “The main thing is to detect and catch the opportunities and to confront the challenges."