Chinese Seek Deal for British Pigs

by 5m Editor
26 August 2011, at 12:11pm

UK & CHINA - British pigs are still the tops, particularly with the Chinese who are looking to buy new breeding stock.

A Chinese delegation has just paid a visit to the UK looking to buy 1,000 pigs for an integrated operation.

The visit came about following the BPA's presence on the BPEX stand at the China International Meat Industry Exhibition jointly funded by BPEX and UKTI.

BPEX Director Mick Sloyan, who hosted a dinner for the visitors, said: "British breeding stock is still prized the world over.

"The Chinese are bringing their agriculture up-to-date at a tremendous rate and British pigs use less feed, therefore produce much less manure and they also need less land. This will in turn reduce the environmental impact quite markedly."

BPA Export Promoter, Chris Jackson, said: "They were specifically looking for pedigree Large White and pedigree Landrace pigs.

"It was a very successful visit and we took the delegation all around the country. We are looking forward to doing business with them."