Discussions On-Going over DK Crown Public Offering

by 5m Editor
4 August 2011, at 9:50am

DENMARK - Discussions over turning Danish Crown into a limited company and to make it into a public company are on-going, Danish Crown chairman, Niels Mikkelsen told ThePigSite.

Mr Mikkelsen said negotiations over the possible change in the company's status from a farmer-owned cooperative have been taking place for some time.

In October last year, the company placed all its activities into a share holding company and the cooperative holds those shares at present.

However, he said that, at present, no time-scale had been set for the company to go public and discussions with the members are still taking place.

The debate on the proposal started in February last year.

"It is difficult to say more for the time being. We have been in the process of holding discussions on this for a long time," said Mr Mikkelsen.

"We have plans for growing the company in the coming years and it needs more funding and we are discussing how to do this."

He said that among the topics under discussion was the pricing system for pigs with the farmer cooperative owners.

"We have to agree a system on pricing," he told ThePigSite.

He added that by putting the activities of the company into a shareholding company, the mechanism was in place to go to the stock market if the company made the decision to float.

He concluded that the reason the potential public offering of the company had received publicity in Denmark again recently was because "it is the holiday season and they are searching for something to write".

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