Ontario Pork's Biosecurity Training Programme

by 5m Editor
10 August 2011, at 9:19am

CANADA - The Canadian Swine Health Board (CSHB) launched a National Swine Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard in the fall of 2010, writes Jaydee Smith of OMAFRA in the latest Pork News and Views from Ontario's Ministry of Agriculture.

For implementation of the biosecurity standard, a farm-level training programme has been developed. Ontario Pork will be coordinating the biosecurity programme provincially.

The National Biosecurity Program provides funding for producers to:

  1. Attend an 'in-class' training session from a certified veterinarian on the National Swine Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard. Producers will be eligible to receive C$150 per barn site. To receive funding for multiple sites, different farm personnel must represent each site at the training session.

  2. Fill out a self-assessment of their current biosecurity practices and develop an action plan to improve biosecurity on-farm. Producers will be reimbursed $500 per barn site for the self-assessment.

  3. Arrange a farm visit with your herd health veterinarian to review the action plan and make additional recommendations on biosecurity practices as required. The producer will be reimbursed an additional $500 per barn site to cover the costs of the vet visit.

Note: No funding for the self-assessment (point 2) will be provided until the veterinarian visit is completed.

Producers (barn sites) participating in the training programme must have a valid CQA registration. Producers without a valid CQA can attend the initial training session and receive $150 but would need to renew their CQA prior to receiving further funding.

Producers should contact their herd veterinarian to register for the training.

Any further questions regarding the biosecurity program can be directed to Dr Mike DeGroot, Ontario Pork Biosecurity Coordinator (e-mail [email protected]).