SNW-Piétrains and German-Piétrains Compared

by 5m Editor
31 August 2011, at 10:22am

GERMANY - In 2010, the German research institute Haus Düsse tested offspring of true-bred sows SNW-Piétrain Select (TOPIGS Top Pi, 238 animals) and German-Piétrain (496 animals).

The TOPIGS SNW-Piétrains showed a feed conversion of 2.28, the German-Piétrains 2.32. The lean meat percentage was 65.9 for the SNW Piétrain and 65.8 for the German-Piétrain.

The biggest difference was measured for the daily gain. The SNW-Piétrains grew 876 grams per day, the German-Piétrains 855 grams.

The results of the feed intake per day were 1.99 grams for the SNW-Piétrain and 1.97 grams per day for the German-Piétrain.