TOPIGS Around the World

by 5m Editor
30 August 2011, at 10:51am

GLOBAL - TOPIGS breeds pigs by deploying the best breeding tools on a global scale, says the company, presenting results from its top-performing clients in the Netherlands, Canada, Russia and Brazil.

Some examples are individual feed intake recording, muscle scans on live animals, the company's ongoing birthweight programme and genomic selection combined with Pigbase and TOPIGS' breeding database that contains phenotypic data from almost 25 million pigs.

The result? A wide range of sow and boar lines from which the best genetic combination for farm conditions and market needs can be chosen. TOPIGS offers a high-performing genetic package for even the most challenging of conditions. That’s why top producers around the world use TOPIGS genetics.

Table 1 shows the results of the best farm per country.

Table 1: Results TOPIGS’ clients
The Netherlands Canada Russia Brazil
Farm litter index 2.45 2.57 2.53 2.48
Live born/litter 14.5 14.3 13.0 12.8
Preweaning mortality (%) 5.6 11.8 10.6 7.4
Weaned/litter 13.7 12.3 11.6 11.8
Weaned/sow/year 33.3 31.4 29.2 29.3
Replacement rate sow (%) 35 41 45 49