Brasil Foods Buys Pig Plant

by 5m Editor
16 September 2011, at 10:48am

BRF - Brasil Foods SA (BRF) is to exercise the purchase option on the Copercampos pig processing plant in Campos Novos, Santa Catarina, which has a slaughtering capacity for 7,000 hogs a day.

In April, BRF signed a services agreement with Cooperativa Copercampos, which includes the contracting of the future industrial capacity of the plant under construction in the municipality of Campos Novos for the slaughter of hogs.

Investments of 145 million real (BRR) have been made, part of which in the form of advances from BRF and part financed by the BRDE/BNDES and collateralised by BRF.

BRF said it aims to optimise its industrial processes in pork production in order to obtain gains in efficiency and competitive advantages in this activity for serving the principal world markets.