Canadian Pork Producers Embrace Biosecurity

by 5m Editor
27 September 2011, at 11:11am

CANADA - The Chair of the Canadian Swine Health Board reports Canada's pork producers have become increasingly aware of the value of biosecurity in avoiding disease and maintaining the productivity of their herds, Bruce Cochrane writes.

The Canadian Swine Health Board was formed to address disease issues affecting Canada's pork industry and develop programs to help avoid the spread of disease.

Registration for the Board's 3rd annual meeting November 3rd and 4th in Niagara Falls, Ontario is now open.

Board Chair Florian Possberg says healthy herds have a real advantage in terms of productivity and, although health differs from farm to farm, health is a big advantage for Canada that must be protected.

Florian Possberg-Canadian Swine Health Board

One of the significant initiatives has to do with biosecurity and biosecurity is using tools to keep herds safe from the entrance of diseases that are going to cause problems.

The Canadian Swine Health Board developed a standard for biosecurity and we're now working with all the provincial boards across Canada to take that right out to the producer level.

It helps producers to work with consultants, typically their herd health veterinarians, to really put together a plan to better secure their operations.

The feedback we've gotten has been real positive.

Biosecurity is something that no matter how good you have set up you're biosecurity screen around your facilities there's probably always things that you can do better.

Mr Possberg says we've had a lot of success in Canada but we have to remain vigilant to maintain that health advantage.

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