New Project Manager for BPEX

by 5m Editor
21 September 2011, at 10:36am

UK - Helen Clarke has been appointed to take over as the BPEX Veterinary Projects Manager.

Ms Clarke was formerly the co-ordinator for Yorkshire and Humberside Health and is taking over from Charlotte West (nee Evans) who has become Knowledge Transfer manager for the South of England.

Her new role means she will be taking control of the Pig Health Improvement Project, the BPEX Pig Health Scheme and will also oversee the PhD student projects.

Ms Clarke said: "These projects are of vital importance to the industry and will have a positive effect on the Two-tonne Sow campaign aimed at improving the overall performance of the pig industry."

BPEX Interim Head of R&D Derek Armstrong said: "Helen already has a great deal of experience in the pig health field and her expertise will be of great benefit to the industry."