Pfizer Announces Swine Vet Award Winners

by 5m Editor
22 September 2011, at 11:10am

US - Pfizer Animal Health is privileged to showcase the talented first winners of the 10 under 40 swine veterinarian award programme.

This biennial programme is designed to recognise 10 veterinarians under the age of 40 who are making significant contributions to swine medicine.

Steve Sornsen, DVM, M.S., senior director, pork technical services at Pfizer Animal Health, said: "Anything we can do at Pfizer Animal Health to place the spotlight on deserving animal care leaders is a goal we strive to accomplish as part of our Commitment to VeterinariansTM."

He added: "The 10 under 40 programme recognises the success and dedication of young swine veterinarians and we are privileged to work with and recognise these leaders who are doing their part to help pave the way for the future of our industry."

An independent panel of judges had the difficult task of selecting 10 deserving veterinarians out of nearly 60 nominees. The award was open to AASV veterinarians under 40 years of age, residing in the United States, in practice, academic or consulting capacities. Nominees were to devote a minimum of 60 percent of their time to swine medicine.

The winners include:

  • Tara Donovan, DVM – Vice President of Health Management at The Hanor Family of Companies in Spring Green, Wisconsin.
  • Jason Hocker, DVM, M.S. – a partner at AMVC and managing partner of AMVC Production in Audubon, Iowa, and also the lead organiser of the Iowa State University/AMVC Swine Medicine Education Center.
  • Marlin Hoogland, DVM, M.S. – the Midwest Lead Finishing Veterinarian at Murphy-Brown Western Operations in Algona, Iowa.
  • Darin Madson, DVM, Ph.D. – an Assistant Professor in the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.
  • Jeremy Pittman, DVM – Staff Veterinarian at Murphy-Brown North Division in Waverly, Virginia and also an adjunct faculty member at North Carolina State University.
  • Sarah Probst Miller, DVM – recently started her own business, AgCreate Solutions, Inc., based in Monticello, Illinois.
  • Chris Rademacher, DVM – Director of Production Improvement at Murphy-Brown Western Operations in Ames, Iowa.
  • Cameron Schmitt, DVM, M.S. – one of the owners and veterinarians at Pipestone Veterinary Clinic of Iowa in Independence, Iowa.
  • Matthew Turner, DVM – Staff Veterinarian at Prestage Farms in Clinton, North Clinto and an adjunct professor at North Carolina State University.
  • Amy Vincent, DVM, M.S., Ph.D. – a Veterinary Medical Officer at the United States Department of Agriculture Agriculture Research Service at the National Animal Disease Center in Ames, Iowa.

Winners received a trip to the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference on 17 to 21 September 2011 in St. Paul, Minnesota. The selected individuals were honored at the conference and are being featured in communications about the programme.

Dr Sornsen said "At Pfizer Animal Health, we believe in showcasing and assisting the animal health care leaders of tomorrow by supporting veterinarians through industry-leading training and education, research and development and investing in the future of the profession with programmes such as this."

Learn more about Pfizer's Commitment to Veterinarians and get to know the exceptional 10 under 40 winners by clicking here.