Beijing Removes Tainted Pork Knuckles from Market

by 5m Editor
19 October 2011, at 9:14am

BEIJING, CHINA - The Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce confiscated chemically bleached pork knuckles from the Baliqiao Market on Monday, 17 October. The supplier was an unlicensed workshop.

The action came shortly after the Beijing News reported that an underground workshop sold tainted knuckles which were whitened in a chemical solution to look bigger and more attractive. reports that the solution contained sodium hydroxide, sodium nitrite and hydrogen peroxide, all banned in food production due to their corrosive properties.

But when the law enforcement officers from the administration went to the workshop, the owner had cleaned off chemical residues from the pond where pork knuckles were bleached.

The owner surnamed Song insisted that he had never used any chemicals. "We sold both fresh knuckles and frozen knuckles. The frozen ones turn white after being thawed in water," Mr Song said.

But his claim was rejected by vendors at the Baliqiao Market. Tests conducted by the administration showed that frozen pork knuckles failed to turn white in clean water.