Floods Claim More Than 300,000 Pigs

by 5m Editor
25 October 2011, at 11:00am

THAILAND - Following the loss of at least 300,000 pigs in the floods, producers are asking the government to extend the current import tariff waiver on feed ingredients, a move introduced to control food costs.

The Swine Raisers Association of Thailand is asking for the import-tariff waiver on animal feed ingredients to be extended for another two years after the floodwaters recede, reports Bangkok Post.

President Surachai Sutthitham said 300,000 swine had been killed in the disastrous floods, and the figure was rising.

The crisis has severely affected large and small farmers alike but the latter are looking at more damage because they have been unable to move their animals in time to save them.

Large farms are better able to take preventive measures but their costs are still rising from transport problems and investment in water prevention systems.

One of the government's populist measures has been a temporary waiver of the two per cent import tariff on soybeans, which are a major ingredient in feed production, in order to help the livestock industry keep costs under control. The Internal Trade Department's suggested pork price is being maintained at 125-135 baht (THB) a kilogramme, depending on location.

The farm-gate price of live swine is THB52 to 58 a kilogramme, down by THB4 to THB5 from two months ago.

Mr Surachai said the price of live swine is actually less than what the government suggests, as raisers are finding they must sell their animals before full maturity to make any profit.

There are no plans for a price increase anytime soon.

Bangkok Post reports that the association predicts the number of pig breeders will decline as many of those in affected areas quit the industry in frustration.

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