Russia and Kazakhstan in Veterinary Talks

by 5m Editor
5 October 2011, at 9:25am

RUSSIA - Talks have been taking place between the Deputy Head of the Russian food safety and veterinary authority Rosselkhoznadzor, Yeugeny Nepoklonov, and Nigmat Zhakupbayev, Deputy Chair of the State Agricultural Inspection Committee for Kazakhstan in a bid to reduce the threat of foot and mouth disease and open up trade links.

The meeting was held at the initiative of Kazakhstan and Nigmat Zhakupbayev outlined the measures being taken in the republic to eradicate the FMD outbreaks reported in the country during 2011.

At present, the republic is divided into areas, one of which is considered to be unaffected by FMD. Because of this Kazakhstan has called for the restrictions on the supply of animal products to Russia to be lifted.

Nigmat Zhakupbayev said that they were ready to receive the Rosselkhoznadzor specialists for to carry out more detailed inspections on the situation.

In response, the Russian delegation said that there had not been similar precedents up to now for restrictions to be lifted.

The delegation said that FMD affected countries such as Mongolia, China, Paraguay have had appropriate export restrictions imposed for several years.

However, Rosselkhoznadzor said it would not reject considering the situation.

Yeugeny Nepoklonov suggested that a programme should be worked out and Kazakhstan should submit all FMD information for assessment and analysis to the FGBU "ARRIAH" - part of Rosselkhoznadzor.

Yeugeny Nepoklonov said that recently surveillance in the region had been greatly reduced and this would sooner or later lead to adverse consequences. He said that currently nobody is protected from the potential introduction of ASF and because of this the Russia delegation called for maximum transparency and awareness of operations.

Yeugeny Nepoklonov also stressed that the current activities of veterinary services of different countries should be harmonised across the CU.

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