Sharing the Wealth for Animal Health

by 5m Editor
31 October 2011, at 8:07am

ALBERTA, CANADA - Alberta Pork is pleased to announce the roll-out of the Alberta Swine Biosecurity Program by the Canadian Swine Health Board.

Whether you are producing pork or preparing pizza, the overriding goal of any business is, quite literally, staying in business. For Alberta producers, one of the greatest threats to long-term sustainability is the introduction of new disease or the flare-up of existing disease on their farms. A decrease in herd health can result in production losses and increased production costs, while the loss of market access may elevate both fixed and variable expenses.

The solution? A sound, practical biosecurity programme, which has long been recognised as a pillar of on-farm best management practices. Understanding and implementation of such a programme provides a significant economic and health benefit to producers. Consequently, Alberta Pork is pleased to announce the roll-out of the Alberta Swine Biosecurity Program by the Canadian Swine Health Board.

In addition to increasing understanding of on-farm biosecurity, the programme will enable producers to better address biosecurity issues encountered on a day-to-day basis.

Programme description

Phase 1: Producer training sessions

A number of sessions will be held throughout Alberta in November and December of 2011. Led by veterinarians, these workshops will provide a thorough explanation and description of the National Biosecurity Standard.

Producers/managers in attendance will receive $150 per CQA registered site. A site is defined as a premise registered under the CQA/ACA programme. The site must have a Premise Identification, PID.

Phase 2: Completion of the self-assessment

Producers and/or managers will be asked to review their biosecurity farm plan by completing a self-assessment form. Upon completion of the self-assessment, the producer must send his paperwork to Alberta Pork Coordinator, Audrey Cameron, for approval. Once the self-assessment is approved the producer can book a veterinarian visit.

Phase 3: On-farm veterinarian visit

Once the veterinarian visit has been performed, the producer and/or manager will receive $500 per CQA registered site for the completion of the self-assessment and an additional $500 to cover the cost of the veterinarian on-farm visit (for a total of $1000 provided by the CSHB). A veterinarian visit is required for each site registered in order to complete the National Biosecurity Standard and access the compensation offered by the programme.

In light of the higher costs and significant economic challenges faced by Alberta producers in relation to the rest of the country, Alberta Pork has submitted a formal proposal to Growing Forward requesting additional funding for program participants in our province.

Further information on the Alberta Swine Biosecurity Program will be supplied to all producers and/or managers by special communication before the end of October. Questions can be directed to Audrey Cameron by calling the Alberta Pork Office at 1-877-247-7675, or calling Audrey directly at 780-469-8982, or by email [email protected].