Pig Exchange Programme to Boost Dalit Income

by 5m Editor
14 November 2011, at 7:19am

NEPAL - The District Livestock Services Office, Bhaktapur, has launched a pig-exchange programme with a view to increasing the income of poor and Dalit community people residing in the rural area of the district.

According to SOURCE, Chief of the office, Shiva Bahadur KC, said that the programme was launched to develop a concept of commercial piggery and encourage Dalit community for generating income through it.

The programme will be conducted in Nagarkot and Sipadol VDCs and for this, the selection of two groups for the piggery was also concluded, he said.

The office will provide 20 piglets each to both the groups, and the farmers have to return each of the piglets to the office after the pigs produce babies which will be distributed to other Dalit community turn by turn, said Mr Bahadur.