Training on Electronic Sow Feeding & BigFarmNet

by 5m Editor
14 November 2011, at 6:10am

GERMANY - With BigFarmNet, Big Dutchman has a cutting-edge technology on offer which makes pig production much easier: all controllers, computers and sensors on a farm are able to communicate with each other; at the same time, all applications can be controlled and managed with a single program. Of course, the spectacular all-in-one innovation is also ideally suited for use in sow management.

Participants (L-R): Service technician Karin Olsson, product manager Daniel Holling, service technician Jan Pokorny, product engineer Thomas Kubisch, service technician Marian Stepanek, service technician Dieter Steenhuyse and product engineer Thorsten Rosendahl.

Modern sow management with the electronic sow feeding system CallmaticPro

The feeding system for group housing of sows combines the advantages of animal-friendly housing and a feeding method adapted to the requirements of each individual sow

BigFarmNet is a cutting-edge, all-in-one-solution for pig production – and also for modern sow production

And to ensure that the BigFarmNet technology and the ESF station CallmaticPro for group housing of sows communicate with each other without problems, the housing equipment supplier from the northern German town of Vechta organizes advanced trainings for their service technicians from around the world on a regular basis.

Installation, wiring and features of electronic sow feeding stations

A good example of such a training is the recently completed international training at Big Dutchman´s product development facility nearby Vechta: in four days, the participating service technicians from Belgium, the Czech Republic and Sweden were trained on the installation, electrical wiring and features of the electronic sow feeding station, as well as the setup and configuration of the BigFarmNet software.

The trainings treat both theoretical and practical aspects, ranging from general sow management and network layout to transponder technology and electrical components. Practical exercises include, for example, wiring of modern network systems, sow management with the BigFarmNet manager software and the planning of electrical installations for CallmaticPro projects. The training schedule also includes a farm visit where the participants have the opportunity to use their newly gained knowledge in a practical environment.

Sow management: 42 projects successfully completed

To date, approximately 50 service engineers from around the world have completed the Big Dutchman training. With great results: on 42 sow farms in Europe and in the USA have Big Dutchman service technicians put their skills successfully to the test.

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