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Value of Injecting Swine Manure Outlined

by 5m Editor
15 November 2011, at 8:09am

CANADA - Manitoba Pork Council hopes to better inform the non-agricultural public about the science of swine manure fertilizer application through the production of a new video, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Manitoba Pork Council is producing a new video to educate the public about the benefits of injecting swine manure into the soil to fertilize crops.

Sustainable development manager Mike Teillet explains when discussing how we deal with manure application it was found that many people don't know what injection or incorporation of manure means and it was felt it would be easier to show them.

Mike Teillet-Manitoba Pork Council

In the past manure used to just be spread on the ground or it was shot out of, they call them the big guns.

When I say the past I mean 10 to 15 years ago, 20 years ago.

Sometimes farmers would plough it in or disc it in afterwards but this newer technique injection, actually injects the liquid manure into the ground and then it's covered over immediately.

This prevents the manure from running of so this is a critical thing that we think people need to understand.

Our estimate is about 85 per cent of producers are now injecting.

The video will be showing the whole system , how it starts from beginning to end, where the manure comes from originally, from the storage facility, right through to how it's loaded into the tanks and then how it's applied onto the fields.

And it will be showing how in many ways in many ways this is an extremely high tech thing.

They use GPS, lazer guided tractors, they've got computers that go back into the office that show application rates, it's based on soil testing and crop uptake.

It's a very sophisticated technique.

Mr Teillet says the video is scheduled for release in mid-December and will target those not involved in agriculture or in the application of manure fertilizer.

He expects the video to be released by mid-December and it will be posted on Manitoba Pork Council's web site and it will be shown at various agricultural shows and conferences.