High-Welfare Pork for UK: an Opportunity

15 December 2011, at 6:43am

DENMARK - According to meat company, Tican, Danish producers should view the higher welfare requirements of the UK markets – for example, no castration – as a business opportunity.

British consumer demands may have implications for Danish pig producers, reports Landbrugsavisen. Requirements from the British public may override those of Danish politicians in respect of animal welfare.

At a recent meeting with Denmark's second largest slaughterhouse, Tican in Thisted, company chairman, Jens Jørgen Henriksen, said that the UK market is so important for Danish slaughterhouses that its requirements are impacting animal welfare in Denmark.

"Behind this is a clear ambition from supermarket chains to deliver more higher-welfare pork and for the British, this means also that there should ultimately be talking about uncastrated pigs. Since Britain is the most important market for us, obviously we must take these trends seriously," Mr Hendriksen said, adding that the British today are willing to pay a high price for pig meat. Therefore, he believes also that the slaughterhouses must see the requirements as an option.

"You can choose to see this as a threat to our current production methods. I think we should take a long view and see it as a business opportunity," added Mr Hendriksen.

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