Silver Success for Yorkshire Pig Farmer

by 5m Editor
9 December 2011, at 7:16am

UK - Yorkshire pig farmer, Ian Broumpton, gained an armful of trophies at this year’s Hull Market Christmas Fatstock Show, according to ACMC.

Ian Broumpton with the haul of silverware which he won at Hull Market Christmas Fatstock Show

He gained first prize for best pen of pigs in the cutter class, with five pigs of 85 kg liveweight and first prize for the best pen of bacon pigs with five pigs weighing an average of 103 kg.

The cutters went on to take the supreme championship for the best pen of pigs in the show while the baconers were reserve champions.

Mr Broumpton runs a 210-sow commercial breeding and finishing herd at Stanstead Grange, Brandesburton, where he rears an average of 28.5 pigs per sow a year from ACMC stock. He bred the winners from their Vantage Extreme boars put to AC1 sows.

He also scooped the supreme championship at last year’s Christmas show with a pen of baconers.

"It’s a bit of fun for a commercial farmer to compete in a livestock show and I had a lot of favourable comments about the pigs from the people there," he said.