Court Ruling Benefits Consumers & Ag Industry

by 5m Editor
24 January 2012, at 9:58am

US - National Farmers Union (NFU) is pleased with the US Supreme Court’s recent unanimous decision in National Meat Association v. Harris in which the court ruled that hogs suffering from fatigued hog syndrome are fit for slaughter once they have rested and recovered from their travel. NFU was a party on the victorious side of this lawsuit.

The decision overturned an earlier ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals which prevented such animals from being slaughtered.

"We are pleased that the Supreme Court used sound science to determine that animals that are fatigued from being transported are simply tired, not sick, as the state of California attempted to allege," said NFU President Roger Johnson.

The lawsuit was filed by National Farmers Union and a group of agricultural organizations in response to a California statute that would have prohibited non-ambulatory animals, including those with fatigued pig syndrome, from being used for human consumption.

"These animals represent absolutely no health risk for consumers, so they should not be removed from the supply chain," said Mr Johnson. "Removing them only decreases the number of animals available for consumption and drives up food costs, while increasing bureaucratic red tape. The Supreme Court’s ruling is supported by science, and benefits consumers, slaughterhouses, and America’s family farmers and ranchers."

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