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Focus on Sharing Ideas to Improve Pork Production

by 5m Editor
31 January 2012, at 7:25am

CANADA - An animal science professor with the University of Manitoba says the 2012 Manitoba Swine Seminar will feature information designed to equip the province's pork producers to improve the efficiency of their operations, Bruce Cochrane writes.

The theme of the 2012 Manitoba Swine Seminar, slated for Wednesday and Thursday, 1 and 2 February in Winnipeg, is "Sharing Ideas and Information for Efficient Pork Production".

Dr Martin Nyachoti, an animal science professor with the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and co-chair of the 2012 Manitoba Swine Seminar, says the annual programme has become the premier event for sharing information and ideas regarding the swine industry and pork production in the province of Manitoba.

Dr Martin Nyachoti-University of Manitoba

I think it's very very important because of what is going on for example in the industry right now.

Everything that we can do to help the industry prosper or survive the tough times that have been experienced in the recent years is obviously a very good thing.

The speakers that we've invited, the topics that they will be addressing, we hope that there is something in there for people that will be attending that they can take and apply and also will then make them more efficient or make their production units more efficient and therefore a chance at survival and making sure that they stay in business.

I think it's important from that perspective to make sure that we equip the producers with knowledge and ideas that they can apply.

It's also very important because it gives us an opportunity to bring in speakers that otherwise would not be coming to the province, people from different parts that come in and share ideas about what is it that they have done or is going on in their places that we might be able to borrow.

Dr Nyachoti says the Manitoba Swine Seminar is geared toward the swine industry and typically attracts swine producers, feed and equipment suppliers, veterinarians, and students and staff from the University of Manitoba.

He notes many of the topics that will be addressed this year were suggested by those who attended last year's event.

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