Hermitage Builds New AI Station in Italy

by 5m Editor
17 January 2012, at 8:54am

ITALY - In 2005, Hermitage Italia srl launched their high health boar stud ‘Centro Verri Italia’ which services the genetic requirements of the dynamic Italian pig industry.

Due to the success of this stud, a decision was taken last year to build a new state of the art boar stud at the companies headquarters in Castellazo, Reggio Emilia.

‘Centro Verri Italia’ offers Italian pig producers a wide selection of maternal and terminal line genetics specifically suited to Italian production requirements. In total 300 high health AI boars will be available from the new stud with a further 80 boars at the companies second stud located at Varese.

"There are a number of key factors contributing to our success," commented Mr Kirk Douglas, General Manager of Hermitage Italia. These are as follows: Health Status and Bio-Security - Centro Verri Italia operates a high health status AI station; Genetics – Top Genetics specifically suited to Italian production systems; Delivery Services – We have an efficient and reliable team of couriers delivering our products and Product Quality – Centro Verri Italia operates to Hermitages world renowned semen quality standards.

In 2011, Mr Paolo Crotti joined the sales team at Hermitage Italia and Mr Gianluca Demontis joined with responsibility for servicing the Hermitage Closed Herd BLUP Customers in the Italian Market.